Woman Sees Craft Like “Ball of Fire” With Flashing Red Lights.

Location of Sighting: Margate, Florida
Date of Sighting: April 1, 2016

Description: I live in Margate, FL. I have seen a UFO. You are not alone. I have made a sketch also. The first time I called the city and even asked if anyone else had reported this? It came from over the lake. The moon was full and to the right just above the lines. I would like to share my story also. Last night, April 1,2016 I saw a craft with flashing red lights. It was not an airplane. This was not the fireball that was coming right at me. It appears as a huge ball of fire. It came too close for my comfort. It was gray dome shaped. I could clearly see the fire was coming from the bottom part of the craft. It hovered right in front of me about 200 meters above the tree and the lines. My witness also saw it take off so fast. It made no sound at all. I will always remember this.

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