Woman Sees Dark Gray Egg Shaped UFO.

Location of Sighting: Westmoreland, Tennessee
Date of Sighting: August 7, 2007
Time of Sighting: 9:15 PM CDT

Description: I saw an object that was about the size of a car. It was shaped like an egg. It was a dark gray and was black in the middle. It had 2 big orange windows and the top and bottom parts had 3 little green dots or sensors on them. The top and bottom were all rotating really fast and it was just hovering outside my window. The top had an antenna like the bottom and the top part had white and red flashing lights. The bottom had green and white flashing lights. When it arrived I was looking at stars and I blinked my eyes and it was there out of nowhere. I just sat there watching it to see what would happen, but the only thing I seemed to notice was the flashing lights. They seemed to be taking photos. After it left it looked like a blur and then it disappeared like it was moving faster than light. After it left I jumped in my bed and stayed up all night looking out my window seeing if it would return. It never did. So that is all of the information I have. Sorry!

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