Woman Sees Silent Chevron Shaped UFO.

Location of Sighting: Milford, New Hampshire
Date of Sighting: July 31, 2014
Time of Sighting: 3:45 AM EDT

Shape of Objects: Chevron
Color of Objects: White lights and one red light. I Could not see the object itself.

Description: At approximately 3:45 AM I was standing at our kitchen window when I saw what I initially thought was an airplane moving overhead heading in a northerly direction. I immediately went out side onto our deck to get a better look because I could not hear it in spite of how low it was flying. It was shaped like a chevron and flying quite a bit lower than air traffic does in our area. It was just above the tree line was making no sound at all. It had more lights than an airplane usually does (about 12 or 13.) All of them were white and one was red. My best guess as to the overall width would be a 70 to 100 foot span. I could not see the object itself, just the lights. What struck me was the total silence. As low as this thing was flying I heard nothing at all. I have lived in the flight path of a number of airports throughout my life and am very used to air traffic. This craft was absolutely nothing like anything I have seen. As I watched, it continued to move north silently until I could not see it anymore. I am a 51 year old female and have never seen anything like this before.

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