Woman Sees Spherical Spinning Objects.

Location of Sighting: Salem, Oregon
Date of Sighting: October, 2015 (and years dating back to 2012)
Time of Sightings: All hours of the day

Description: Hello: Its so nice to have a platform to explain. For going on 4 years now I have been seeing these very large spherical shaped objects. They are VERY large, spinning with meticulous structures appearing within the object reaching from center to outer edges. Basically they are tiny lights starting from center going out in every direction and outlining the entire object. The object spins one way then pauses and goes in opposite directions. The object can fly in changing positions in flight such as spinning where you can see the entire object go in a rollercoaster pattern.

These objects look apparently EXTREMELY LARGE. live in Oregon (Salem Specifically) and I can see up to 5 different ones in one little portion of the sky that I’m observing. I know others have seen these. I have watched them chase little Cessna planes, jets and helicopters. At first I thought I had lost my mind, but they are VERY REAL.

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