Woman Sees Triangular Ship in Sky. Recalls Other Sightings.

Location of Sighting: Akron, Ohio
Date of Sighting: April 8, 2016
Time of Sighting: 2 AM EDT

Description: I live in Akron, Ohio, and I have been seeing more then a few things I haven’t been able to understand lately. The first time was July of last year. In the middle of the day I saw a silver cigar shaped object in the sky. My cousin who was with me ran inside saying that it made her feel uncomfortable and she didn’t want to talk about it. About a month after that in traffic with my fiance we saw a triangle shaped ship slowly fly over our car and then disappear as quickly as it appeared. I saw a few more then they stopped, until last night. My room is a fourth floor attic, so my window looks straight into the sky. Last night I was having trouble sleeping and at about 2 AM I happened to glance out my window. I saw a huge triangle ship with bright blue lights at each point and a small, but very bright red light in the middle. It came right over the house crazy low, but was completely silent. Living not too far from an airport I see all kinds of planes at all altitudes, but this was so low it was like it would land right on the house. It glided silently and very slowly for no more then three minutes, although it seemed much longer. Then it just vanished like it flew into a cloud or something. It was gone, but I was still horrified, while I brushed off every other sighting this was different. It was clear, obvious and filled me with a terror I have never felt. After that sleep was a joke and about 25 to 30 minutes after I saw the triangle (I had woke up my fiance by this point because I didn’t want to be alone.) We heard this noise, and I mean it was unlike ANYTHING I have ever heard. It was piercing and loud but also almost muffled in a way? It sounded kind of like a mix between a wolf howl, the calls cats make when their in heat, (It sounded like a slide whistle. It was beyond scary. It was one continuous noise that lasted about two minutes. At this point I turned on all the lights and pulled an all nighter. I am not crazy, but I am unspeakably afraid, and I can’t even say why. I just know how I feel.

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