Woman Sees Upside Down Teardrop Shaped UFO.

Location of Sighting: Stockbridge, Massachusetts
Date of Sighting: July 30, 2015
Time of Sighting: 11 PM to Midnight EDT

Description: My sighting occurred from Marian Shrine in Stockbridge, MA looking towards West Stockbridge, MA. I saw an upside down teardrop dropping great speed, moving straight down to earth, extremely fast, under half a hand of Saturn. It was glaring pure bright white, brighter than any terrestrial aircraft, a blaze of white, brighter than a full moon in telescope eyepiece, had width of 1 finger, not small, not a meteor as it moved straight down towards earth 1 inch lower from planet.

Note: The description fits a possible meteor sighting.

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3 Responses to Woman Sees Upside Down Teardrop Shaped UFO.

  1. suzette tinuviel says:

    I also saw an inverted tear drop shaped UFO, white, with multicolored lights floating inside. It seemed to be turning into a diamond shape as well. It had a sort of orb/camera/eye sliding on top of it.

  2. Alfred Manente says:

    I just finished reading a memoir of a soldier in the Rhodesian bush war titled Weep For Africa by Jeremy Hall. In it he describes a 2-night event along the Zambezi river (which forms the border between Rhodesia-Zimbabwe and Zambia). He describes the inverted teardrop, it’s colors, how it moved etc. This was witnessed by his entire squad. They communicated the first night’s occurrence to superiors who laughed it off so no mention was made of the second. The bush war ended in 1980 so this event happened before that date.

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