Woman & Son See White V Shaped Object Vanish in Sky.

Location of Sighting: South Bound Driving On New York Freeway Near Albany, NY
Date of Sighting: September 5, 2015
Time of Sighting: 3:53 PM EDT

Listen to Voice Mail Report of V Shaped UFO (YouTube):



Radar Report -Prepared Feb 3, 2016: Data were analyzed from 4 aviation radar sites. (See map above.) Two radars were in the Albany, NY area, one radar was near Syracuse, NY and the other was located at Cummington, MA. No unusual returns were found in the area (near Highway 5 a few miles North of Albany, NY). Data were filtered for the time period 3:50 to 3:55 PM EDT and for the vicinity of Highway 5. UFO’s don’t always show up on radar.
Description: A woman & her 21 year old son were driving south on the New York Freeway (Highway 5) just North of Albany, New York. The woman (who was driving) saw a very large white V shaped object to the left. The object moved in front of them and abruptly vanished. Both of them were “flabbergasted” by what they had witnessed. The object was flying quite low and the witness thought that it was about 500 feet above the ground. The UFO was only visible for about 7 to 8 seconds. No sound was heard. (The car radio was on.) There were a few clouds in the eastern sky, but skies were clear where the UFO was observed. The witness was convinced that the object was no plane, drone or balloon. (I agree.)

Subsequent Report From Witness: I was doing a Google search under “white V shaped flying objects” and happened to come upon MY OWN REPORT that I didn’t know we had made. I’m STILL DAZED AND CONFUSED. Had I not seen it for MYSELF I would say “simply impossible.” I’m afraid of saying anything to anyone because I know they’re going to say I’m (We are) CRAZY. I’m SO THANKFUL that my 21 year old son was with me and saw the whole thing (phewwww). I REALLY like the description above by a witness that describes what he saw at a different time “like heat rising off of hot rod.” What I saw was white, all SOLID white, no lights, no doors, just all WHITE and I wouldn’t say it was “glowing or foggy or cloudy” no, not that at all. But rather it was more like the guy’s account of “as the heat coming from a hot rod.” It was very low flying, I would say probably 3 to 4 hundred feet above us. By all means it was NOT something WAY up into the sky. We did have the radio on, but it was not loud and we should have definitely heard some kind of engine/noise. I have been asked if perhaps it went behind a cloud and that’s why it seemed to “disappear.” I would like to clarify this. This thing “poof” vanished like a magic trick. It didn’t “fly away,” it didn’t dissipate or slowly fade, but rather it was like something you would see on TV with trick television. One second it’s THERE right in front of you and “poof” the next second it’s GONE. It disappeared was gone, gone, gone. As scared as one might imagine, by this time my son and I were absolutely “FREAKING OUT.” We were having a hard time BELIEVING what we JUST SAW. Not only do we see the most amazing “thing” CLEARLY (in BROAD DAYLIGHT) “flying” in the sky, but for God sake, it DISAPPEARED right in front of us. Has anyone ever ever heard of something “magically” disappearing? We have mentioned this to a few family members who would KNOW that we we WOULDN’T LIE or embellish the truth, and they have all pretty much said the same thing, that they think government has all kinds of things like “movie projection” and that it was probably something like that? Does anyone know if something like that is even POSSIBLE?

Note: I interviewed the witness at length after listening to her voice-mail message. She was quite “shaken up” by what she and her son had seen.

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7 Responses to Woman & Son See White V Shaped Object Vanish in Sky.

  1. Marie says:

    I had an experience very much like this one in Norway. It was white, V shaped, had no lights or anything, in full day light. It suddenly vanished! Poof!

    This is a link to my report: https://www.ufosnw.com/newsite/woman-sees-cigar-shaped-ufo-change-to-v-shape/

  2. Administrator says:

    Eugene added the following information to his above comment:
    It was 1981. While I’m here let me say that I was squinting my eyes trying to see it’s belly, but it was a kind of shimmering darkness. I saw a report of a kid UFO witness a couple of years ago on TV say the same thing when he described the underside of his triangular UFO. The kid on a taped TV segment likened the underbelly of the craft as” like the heat rising off a hot road.”

  3. eugene says:

    I was driving home up 684 by the Goldens Bridge NY exit just north of Katonah, NY in 1981. One of these gizmos floated low over 684. It made no noise. I wondered how something that big could be so low without any audible propulsion. I pulled in on the side of the road. Cars cluttered the shoulders people all looking at it transfixed. It went southwest. That brazen triangular vehicle could care less if it was observed by so many. Years later I read about the Hudson Valley UFO rash and I probably saw one of them. I absolutely know with my own eyes as did the throng that saw it. UFO’s do in fact exist, skeptics notwithstanding.

  4. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Hello Mr. Puckett, and my thanks to the person who bothered to report their incident involving the sighting of a “white boomerang” object at a low altitude over Albany New York in daylight hours. From my point of view, this type of object is often seen at low altitude and over or near highways as far back as the nineteen-forties. Many of these type of objects are reported as quite clear in shape and normally don’t have any overbearing sets of lights on or about them other than yellow or flat white circular lights on their undersides. Again, thanks for a great report!

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for your comments. This is one of the best reports that I have received in 2015. I may do some more “follow-up” research on this case.

    • Kim Birdsall says:

      I would like to add that while I have used the word “boomerang” quite a few times, I would like to clarify that while it was in the “outline” of a “boomerang” it was much more like a horizontal “V.” The best description that I can give is: Have you ever seen little children drawing a picture of a house and then they make little birds flying in the sky that sort of are in the shape of A “V?” Well THAT’S what we saw just on an ENORMOUSLY HUGE scale!

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