Yellow Star-Like Object Hovers, Ascends Straight Up.

Location of Sighting: Loxahatchee, Florida
Date of Sighting: October 24, 2017
Time of Sighting: 6:25 PM EDT



Description: I swear on my only son’s life that I saw the strangest thing in the sky just about 2 minutes ago, I was so struck in awe I couldn’t even look away to take a picture of the cloud. This is no BS. The airport is close to where I live and I can see all the other air traffic as clear as day, and it’s still bright to stand and watch it!

I live in the West Palm Beach area in Loxahatchee 1/2 mile from Lion Country Safari. The sighting occurred about 6:25 PM EDT. The description is above of what I posted to Facebook. It looked like the size of a dime if you held it at arm’s length away, but it was almost like looking at the brightest star in the night’s sky times 100. It was a yellowish light as well. It remained stationary with no visible movement for over a minute. Then it crept into a cloud straight up. It never returned out of the cloud and no planes are even using their lights yet. I don’t want to label it the old cliche U.F.O, but I couldn’t identify it. That is what made me jump.

Additional Comments Provided by Witness: I looked at different accounts in Florida in the past 5 months and the one that struck me was Jacksonville Beach, Florida on 9/27/17 at 8:40 PM (EDT). His description was most similar to mine, at an earlier time than all the other Florida sightings. He seemed knowledgeable as well as I am. What was unbelievable was that my sighting was 2 hours earlier almost 2 months later. I have never been stricken before with something I couldn’t explain, and it was as if I was conscious and couldn’t figure out the simplest thing as how to hit one button to snap a picture on my phone, I was trying and I couldn’t. I am on my phone all the time, and never have I missed an opportunity for a great shot, I just couldn’t look away! I was trying to see if it was getting closer or not, but it just didn’t seem to move and then slowly vertically disappeared into a cloud and that was it. I kept looking for about 2 more hours and I saw nothing, I saw every plane fly by as clear as the moon on a clear sky evening. This amber like orb just came and gone in about 2 minutes and the only movement was it’s dissipation into a cloud above it.

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  1. Observer says:

    I think the explanation is right in front of them. More than likely one aircraft had it’s anti-collision lights on (They can be VERY bright!) & the aircraft was moving directly at the observers, which accounted for the “stationary” position, but finally, the aircraft ascended into the clouds. I’m right under a UPS landing flight path & see similar things every night that I’m out.

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