Youth Encounters Unknown Entities. Sees UFO.

Location of Sighting: Edmond, Oklahoma
Date of Sighting: February 26, 2015
Time of Sighting: 10:33 PM CST

Listen to Interview With Witness (YouTube):

Description: The witness called and reported his encounter about 4 months after it occurred. He had been in bed and woke up and saw an entity in his room. The entity was gray colored, about 5 feet 10 inches tall and had humanlike attributes. The witness got up and let his dog outside. He at once saw a triangular UFO hovering near his home. He also saw a little girl while outside. When he went inside he saw a figure through the glass in the door that looked like the entity he saw when he awoke in his room. He rushed down to his mother’s bedroom and crawled through a fireplace to reach it. Next he remembers something “talking” to him through his head. Then he heard all windows opening. He said that everything went white after that. He next remembers waking up the next morning. He recalled that his tongue was very dry. He also recalled some shaking to the point that he thought that an earthquake occurred. He discussed the experience with his parents the next morning. This is not the first experience that the witness has had.

The witness is mentally sound and does not take drugs. He has been diagnosed with ADHD and sometimes takes medication for it. However, he was not taking medication the night of his encounter.

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