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Sighting Reports 2004

 Couple Take Scenic Photo of Lummi Island & Later Discover UFO on Photo

Photo Taken by Witness Over Chuckanut Mountain, Washington

Location of Object in Above Photo

Date of Sighting: June 20, 2004
Time of Sighting: 12:15 PM PDT
Date Reported: October 8, 2005
Location of Sighting: Lummi Island (Near Bellingham, Washington - About 80 Miles North of Seattle 
Latitude:  48.7 Degrees N
Longitude:  122.5 Degrees W
Number of Witnesses: Two
Number Interviewed: Two
Weather: Clear Skies

Description (In Witness's Own Words): We were trying out our new digital camera while on Chuckanut Mountain.  My wife wanted a photo of the bay and Lummi Island from there so we stopped and took the picture.  Later that day, I downloaded the pictures to see how the new camera compared to our older one.  She wanted me to print an 8x10 of her shot which I did. I discovered a strange dot in the photo and zoomed in on the dot. It appears to be a disk shaped object between Eliza Island and Lummi Island. There is about a mile between the two islands and approximately four miles between us and Lummi. When I reverse the color to negative, it appears to be quite metallic with the light reflecting off of it.

Investigator's Notes: I interviewed both of the witnesses in person. Neither of them saw the object in the photo. They were traveling along Cleator Road and had driven about 1/4 way down from the top of Chuckanut Mountain (near Bellingham, Washington) when they stopped to take some photos. They took three photos and the middle photo in the sequence showed the object.  The other two photos did not contain the object.  They stopped and snapped a photo of Lummi Island.  Later they discovered the object when downloading the photo into their computer.  They used a Gateway DC-T50 5.25 mega pixel digital camera to take the photos.  With the high resolution the object looks quite definitive in the blow-up.  The object does not appear to be anything conventional and has the appearance of a disk shape (with an apparent dome on top).  Given available information the object in this photo is unidentified.