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Sighting Reports 2004

Man Spots Two Spheres Following Airplane
- Toronto, Ontario -

Date of Sighting: March 25, 2004
Time of Sighting: 6:20 PM EST
Location of Sighting: Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Latitude: 43.66595 Degrees N
Longitude: 79.41667 W
Number of Witnesses: One
Weather: Overcast - Low Clouds

Description (In Witness's Own Words): I am contacting you from Toronto, Ontario, Canada but my sighting may relate to a similar sighting by an airline crew on the same evening over Omaha, NE that you have documented on your website. They are similar in that in both instances the objects were flying in a formation of two. Here goes my report: I was out walking my dog just after 6 pm. I hear an airplane above me and casually glance up. I cannot see the plane as there is solid cloud cover above (fairly low, but not foggy low). I do, however, see two small spheres or maybe slightly oval objects approaching me from the west traveling east. I stood there and watched as they passed right over me, not sure of the elevation they were at but I guess it could be anywhere from 1000 - 8000 ft(?). They were black or dark gray in color and showed up quite well in contrast to the white clouds above them, confetti sized at arms' length. They were traveling at identical speeds and flight paths beside each other, though one was (estimate) 15-20 passenger plane lengths ahead of the other. I looked down at my dog twice and then back up again to verify to myself what I was seeing. As they passed over me they made no sound (the sound of the airplane had already subsided). The total length of the sighting was 1-2 minutes until they just became no longer visible due to their distance flying away from me. Either that evening or the next day I called security at Pearson airport to report what I had seen. I was half expecting ridicule but the person I spoke with seemed matter-of-fact about it and referred me to some federal government agency I had never heard of prior - When I contacted them I was told that they "no longer have a UFO investigation department". I would finally like to add that I make my living purely off my ability to observe and my eyesight is stellar - better than 20/20. Thanks and kudos to you for getting the FOIA documents on the airline crew sighting.  Reading it sent shivers up my spine.

Investigator's Notes:  This sighting is very interesting because it occurred about an hour before a Northwest Airlines crew sighted four objects flying ahead of them near Omaha, NE.  It is not known if the objects sighted in Toronto were the same objects sighted by the Northwest crew, but it is interesting to note that the objects were sighted in relatively close locations.  You may read about the Omaha sighting on this website.  I received a response to my follow-up questions from the witness.  The witness added that he could not see the airplane that flew overhead prior to sighting of the two spheres because of the low clouds.  He added that the two spheres flew below the clouds at a velocity close to airliner speed. He also said that he made note of the date and time of the sighting at the time.  He related that he reported the sighting to the authorities and thought that the authorities in turn reported it to NORAD.  I learned in my investigation of the Northwest Airlines sighting near Omaha that NORAD conducted exercises in South Dakota and Canada the day after the sighting (March 26, 2004).  Could this be related to the sighting in Toronto?