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Sighting Reports 2010

Woman Sees 4 Objects Like "Holograms" Appear Over a Marsh Area

Grand Barachois is Along the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Eastern New Brunswick.
Grand Barachois is Along the Coast of the Atlantic Ocean
in Eastern New Brunswick.

Date of Sighting: December 16, 2010
Time of Sighting: 2 AM AST
Location of Sighting: Grand Barachois, New Brunswick, Canada (See Map)

Description: I was in the Grand Barachois area in New Brunswick Canada. We live in a condo overlooking the ocean and a large marsh area. I got up around 2:00 AM to go to the bathroom and went to the window and looked out as I often do. About 50 yards away on the marsh grass I saw at least 4 large very white canisters ABOUT 6 FEET BY 4 FEET WIDE like Propane canisters except they were upside down. Each of them had two or three black numbers and a small black cross like 23 +. Aside the cylinders were large concrete tubes as if they were to be used for a pipeline. Other large wrought iron wires lay on the ground and the whole scene stretched for 150 yards towards the ocean. It looked like a construction site had dumped them there, but they were new and the cylinders were different. I moved closer and as I did it was like there was a flashing movement like a hologram changing and a page was turned over slowly and the marsh reappeared. I stood there for a while quite puzzled as I was sure it was there. I went back to bed. I did not sleep. The picture is still very vivid in my mind three days later.

Witness Response to Questions: I did check the ground the following day. The only evidence was that the marsh grass was flattened. To my knowledge there were no reports in the local media.

Note: I have requested the witness to check the local media to see if anyone else sighted the objects. I also requested that the witness check the ground area for disturbance to see if there is any evidence of a landing. If a landing appears evident, photos and samples have been requested. Updates will be posted. (See witness response above.)

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